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5 Tips for a Better Team Building Event

Team building is all about understanding, developing and maximising the potential of the people in your business and can be highly effective in forming stronger relationships amongst colleagues, contributing to a more productive and happier workforce. So how can you ensure your team building event really is valuable? Here are some top tips:

  1. Always set a goal and budget

What are the key objectives of your event? Think about what you want to achieve as a result and how much you want to spend. Do you want your team to get to know each other better? Are you looking to reward them? Or is it something a little deeper, like a leadership or communication issue? All of this information is important so the right type of activities can be chosen for you.

  1. Plan in advance

Plan as far in advance as you can so you can ensure all members of your team are available. If you’re launching a new project later in the year, you may want to hold the event ahead of this to bond teams together. Alternatively, you might want to hold an event at the start of the year to boost morale after Christmas. Try to hold the event within working hours as your employees will be more receptive if it doesn’t interfere with their weekends and personal time.

  1. Head off-site

Sometimes, just stepping outside of the office for the day can encourage individuals to break habits and develop new ways of thinking. A change of scenery can really have a positive effect and can enhance productivity. A team building company will work with you to choose the right location dependent on how far you want to travel and the type of activities recommended.

  1. Make it meaningful

Different people shine at different times so it’s important to have a good selection of activities where everyone’s different strengths and contributions are recognised. Too often, businesses will book an event based on what looks fun, later to find that it won’t necessarily achieve their objectives. Be open minded and discuss the different activities with your team building company who will recommend the best ones based on your specific goals.

  1. Don’t forget the end result

While the fun will play a massive part in helping your team to reach your goals, it’s important to hold open discussions throughout the day and encourage individuals to look at what they have achieved and see how they can translate the experience back to the workplace. Setting objectives will also give greater measurable benefit to your business and you can hold your team accountable for follow-up.

To ensure your team building event is a success, it’s important to work with a professional team building company who will help you to reach your objectives. As a business you’ll not only benefit from more efficient and productive teams, but also higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Kay Buckby says – these are great tips. As with any great learning and development event, the planning done beforehand will enable you to set meaningful and measurable objectives to help you evaluate the time spent out of the office.


  • I like that you mentioned to have a lot of different activities so that everybody’s talents can be highlighted. That way, you can ensure everybody gets to show their worth and recognize each others. The company I work for is going to have a team building event to improve morale, and I wanted to find some good ideas. These tips should help, thanks a lot!

  • I do agree, it is good to have a good selection of activities to showcase each employees talent. That should help the team building event to be more meaningful and fun. Personally, I’d love to join that. Thanks for the interesting read!

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