5 Reasons to Attend a TNN Event

by Kate Jackson, Cast and Mint

The confirmation of my place at the next Trainers Network Northamptonshire (TNN) has just arrived, and I’m looking forward, with relish, to attending another lively meeting with the friendly TNN cohort.  There are so many reasons why I enjoy being part of this network, and here are just 5:

  1. Continuous Professional Development

The TNN meetings go a long way to support my love of learning and my continual strife to perform the best I can.  Every meeting is shared with people who share this common goal.  The next meeting will be hosted by Scott Bader and Caroline Lewis will be facilitating a session on Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  Some people will be discovering for the first time how it can be used for development and leadership and, for others, it will be an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and discuss their experiences of working with it in the past.  Whatever the level of experience, I am confident that there will be lively discussion and a great opportunity for personal development.

In addition to the ‘tried and tested’, the network introduces new ideas in the L&D arena.  I recall, with a smile, the insightful and highly entertaining event when Michael Eaves and Alison Matthews from Sensability introduced us to mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques).  Using their vast experience of drama and TV, Michael and Alison explained complex information in an easy to understand way with a lot of laughs along the way.

I particularly recall one TNN meeting in Corby where Claire Poole and Ria Sheridan of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, (CIWM), delivered a lively session on Pecha Kucha.  We explored how to produce and present Pecha Kucha as well as the different ways we could incorporate the model in learning and development.  The session certainly lived up to expectations but what I hadn’t counted on was the obsession that I have developed since then.

It’s all about rubbish! This leads me on to the next reason for being a part of TNN.

  1. Extended Knowledge

The learning extends way beyond L&D however, and ‘members’ share tips on many other areas of life beyond the learning and coaching arena.

Claire and Ria, for example, used Pecha Kucha to share their expertise in recycling rubbish and I discovered that there was a lot more to recycling that I had realised.  I now obsess over my rubbish, rinsing it and checking for logos to ensure that I recycle in the most effective way.  Thanks Claire and Ria for giving me more than I bargained for.

I sadly missed the ‘Lifestyle Choices for Trainers’ session by Neill Friedman which I gather was a great success but I was lucky enough to attend Jonathan Pittam’s session on Mindfulness last year that made me reconsider my approach to exercise and nutrition and inspired me to run my first 5K.  Now, that’s something I thought I’d never do!

  1. Light Bulb Moments

As a coach, there are few moments more rewarding than when you see a client experiencing a ‘light bulb’ moment.  It’s a wonderful feeling when the fog appears to lift and a client starts to see a situation in a different way.  The TNN meetings have twice given me the opportunity to swap roles and experience my own light bulb moment.  The first was when Kay Buckby gave an overview of Transactional Analysis using Pecha Kucha.  Her overview of Parent, Adult Child behaviour has resulted in me approaching someone in a completely different way with startling results.  Thanks Kay.

The other light bulb moment  took place when I was enjoying a lively exchange with other members of the group and realised that it was the right time to make a career change and revert back to my true passion – coaching.  As a result, I have never been happier.

  1. New Business

In addition to new ideas and people, the group has also introduced me to new opportunities.  Whilst this is not the main purpose of the group, it is certainly an added bonus and I have appreciated member’s referrals. Indeed, I have just completed a four month contract delivering and facilitating an exciting Change Management programme for a FTSE 100 company thanks to TNN. Kay Buckby shared this fabulous opportunity with the network and I was fortunate to secure a place on the delivery team.  Thanks TNN!

  1. Great Spaces

The network meetings have been held in a wide range of venues including Volkswagon Group where we experienced their impressive training suite, Scott Bader where we discovered so much about this multinational company’s long history, The University of Northampton where we learned about the exciting plans for the university and town and at Highgate House where Lucy McGibbon introduced us to Teamscapes and its interactive learning facilities.

What’s more is that the meetings provide a great space to try out new ideas before introducing them to a public space. They provide a safe environment to pilot new material and seek constructive feedback from peers before releasing them to fee-paying clients.

For all these reasons and many more, I am looking forward to the next TNN meeting. I know I will I pick up some great tips on MBTI but what I don’t know yet is what else I will learn.  If one meeting can inspire me to run 5K who knows what the next meeting will bring?



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  • Thank you for your kind comments Kate! Claire and I were really grateful to have a safe and supportive environment to deliver a new way of working for us, knowing the Northampton Trainers Network would be ‘critical friends’ if we asked for feedback. We are pleased you enjoyed it and thrilled that it has made you more aware of your waste & recycling! We don’t get to as many NTN sessions as we would like to, but get tremendous benefit everytime we attend and recommend it to many people.

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