Clarify your Values

5 Challenges to Clarify Your Values and Enable Authentic Success

Take time to clarify your values to achieve authentic success, by Danielle Drozd, Confidence Coach In the business world, I was used to setting objectives and delivering targets against them.  For some time, nothing else seemed to matter, because it would bring me success through that bonus, that annual pay increase, or potentially a promotion.   The thought of this success, and the […]

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Thank you, University of Northampton

Thanks to the generosity of the University of Northampton, a donation was made by members of the Trainers Network Northamptonshire (TNN) to the mental health charity, MIND. Members of the Staff Development Department, Frank Jordan and Deborah Forbes, kindly hosted the June 2016 TNN members event. Frank delivered an informative session on the Vision for the University, including the move […]

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More thoughts on networking

Hi, I’m Paul Green and I’m sharing some of my secrets of networking with you. I’ve been networking for over 15 years now, and I’ve established what many people say is the most relaxed networking group in Northamptonshire – NN Connect. In my first blog I asked you should you build in time for networking, and I hope I’ve persuaded […]

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