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10 Ways to Reboot when You’re Lacking Self-Motivation Picture it, you’re sitting in front of a room full of expectant learners. Some are keen to be there, some are already bored, some are clowning around. Add into the mix a bad night’s sleep and then, to make matters worse, your morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet! Self-motivation! Daunting isn’t it? […]

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The Coaching Conversation Model

The Coaching Conversation Model is a tool to explain the way a coaching discussion may at times flex into training or mentoring mode, as well as the ideal coaching approach. Creative sector coach Alec McPhedran of Skills Channel TV explains the model, to help new coaches appreciate the skill in flexing coaching conversations. When I was being trained to become […]

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5 Reasons to Attend a TNN Event

by Kate Jackson, Cast and Mint The confirmation of my place at the next Trainers Network Northamptonshire (TNN) has just arrived, and I’m looking forward, with relish, to attending another lively meeting with the friendly TNN cohort.  There are so many reasons why I enjoy being part of this network, and here are just 5: Continuous Professional Development The TNN […]

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