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10 Ways to Reboot when You’re Lacking Self-Motivation Picture it, you’re sitting in front of a room full of expectant learners. Some are keen to be there, some are already bored, some are clowning around. Add into the mix a bad night’s sleep and then, to make matters worse, your morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet! Self-motivation! Daunting isn’t it? […]

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Martyn Hale Feb 2016

Business Intelligence Explained

Business Intelligence Explained by MSH Consultancy The term Business Intelligence (BI) is a relatively new one – having said that, you can expect to hear a lot more about it in the future as businesses realise they need to make better use of their data. To a large extent businesses have at best, under-utilised it and at worst, ignored it. Before I jump […]

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Build a network you can be proud of

The story of the Trainers Network Northamptonshire   How did the network start? By Kay Buckby In 2009 I facilitated a session at a conference for trainers in London. I passed on the details to a Northamptonshire based client, Opus Energy, and I was thrilled when four of their team attended the conference. I often think that companies waste money […]

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